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My name is Max! I'm a Senior Creative Strategist at PwC, where I help lead Metaverse & Innovation Strategy.


I work with the firm's global Fortune 500 clients to shape and execute their emerging tech implementation strategy. I was recruited as an original member of the PwC's metaverse team and had a foundational role in strategizing and marketing the firm's metaverse services. Additionally, I am a global PMO and coordinator, helping oversee the integration of metaverse services across PwC's global network. 


I speak at international conferences, universities, and internal firm upskilling sessions about immersive experience strategy for brands.


I have also contributed to publications discussing the impact of metaverse technology on advertising.

I'm deeply passionate about the intersection between "traditional" advertising and immersive media – dedicating my career to understanding the convergence of digital <> physical and what truly drives audience engagement!

For more, check out my resume!

I don't want to work in industry... I want to work on it!


Metaverse and Innovation Strategy

Industry and Alumni Fellow

Investor | Immersive and Metaverse Advisor

Exciting highlights to come! Stay tunned.....


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